GP Medical Services & Family Medicine

At Sanctuary Wellness and Medical Centre our doctors are expert general practitioners, we have all the regular GP checks and treatment services including full time nursing care. We pride ourselves on looking after every aspect of your health. We also incorporate evidence-based lifestyle and natural medicine options for best outcomes.

GP psychological services

Our doctors are trained to provide psychological services where its needed, often for conditions such as Anxiety and depression.

They use multiple modalities including

  1. Cognitive behaviour therapy
  2. Interpersonal therapy
  3. Acceptance Commitment Therapy

If you have a mental health plan you can use that, or book in to see our doctors for a Mental Health Plan. This allows you to get a rebate back from Medicare. These sessions often range from 30 min- 60 min.

To book in for therapy with our doctors, please speak to our receptionist for further details

GP Acupuncture services

Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran is an accredited Medical Acupuncturist, she completed her training with the Australian Medical Acupuncture College which is the only accredited training in Australia for doctors practising acupuncture. She believed acupuncture benefits her patients as a complementary therapy especially for Musculoskeletal issues, Women’s health and Wellness and for Mental health wellbeing.

Acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the central nervous system. This, in turn, releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These biochemical changes may stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.

There is Medicare rebate available for medical acupuncture, please speak to our receptionist for further details.

What conditions may benefit from acupuncture?

Many Australians seek acupuncture treatment for relief of chronic pain, such as arthritis or low back pain. Acupuncture, however, has expanded uses in other parts of the world. These are the few conditions listed in the John Hopkins website.


  • Gastritis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Hepatitis
  • Haemorrhoids


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Neurosis


  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Postoperative Pain
  • Stroke


  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Sore throat


  • Menstrual pain
  • Infertility


  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Muscle Pain/Weakness
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica


  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchitis


  • Irritable Bladder
  • Prostatitis
  • Male infertility
  • Some forms of Impotence
  • Addiction

Health Services

  • General Medical Consultation
  • Children’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Contraception Advice
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Skin Cancer Checks
  • Immunisation Advice
  • Asthma Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Mental Health Counselling and Advise
  • Travel Vaccinations and Advice
  • Health Checks

  • General Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Surgical Removal of skin lesions

  • Family Planning

  • Fertility problems

  • Menstrual issues

  • Menopause

  • Sexually Transmissible Diseases (STDs)

  • Physical and Mental Health

  • Breast checks and Mammogram advice

  • Cervical cancer screening (Pap Smears)
  • Osteoporosis screening and management

  • Chronic Medical problems such as Hypertension, High cholesterol, Obesity, Osteoarthritis and others

  • Wound Management

  • Medical Reports

  • Annual Flu Vaccinations

  • Weight management

  • Prostate cancer screening

  • Bowel cancer screen

  • Bone density assessment

  • Erectile dysfunction or other sexual related problems

  • Smoking cessation counselling and treatment

GP Integrative Medicine

At Sanctuary Wellness and Medical Centre our specialised integrative doctors offer a balanced approach to individualised health and medical care. They combine their medical experience and knowledge in disease diagnosis and management using integrative approach. Kindly advise our reception at the time of booking if you are after an integrative appointment, as they are usually longer appointments.

GP Services for Nutritional Medicine

In recent times we have patients on specific diets such as low carb, keto and vegan/ vegetarian based diet. We respect patients’ choices and support them by doing checks and referral to allied health and specialist colleagues for their optimum health, where needed. We do not promote a specific diet but prefer our patients to eat whole unprocessed food, locally and ethically sourced where possible.

GP Skin Health

Our doctors are expert in skin health and can assist you with a variety of skin care conditions including full skin cancer check, allergic conditions, autoimmune skin conditions and all other aspect of skin health. We also incorporate natural and evidence-based treatment together with pharmaceutical options available for the best outcome.

GP Gut Health

At Sanctuary Wellness and Medical Centre we understand the GUT health is an important aspect of general health, we like to understand our patients diet and lifestyle to help them with their GUT issues, this may include food diary, elimination diet trials and parasite and microbes testing.