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Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran

Principal GP

Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran is a highly experienced female GP and is the Principal Doctor of Sanctuary Wellness and Medical Centre. She has completed three fellowships, Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Fellowship of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and Fellowship of the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. She holds a Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy and Histopathology and Primary Care Skin Cancer Therapeutics and Professional Certificate in Skin Cancer surgery. She has also completed her Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and Advanced certificate of Aesthetic Medicine. She is currently undergoing training to become a Certified Medical Acupuncturist from the Australian Medical Acupuncture College.

She is constantly striving to provide the best care for her patients and believes that optimal health and wellbeing is achieved only through a holistic approach to health. This has further led her to continue her academic pursuit in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and continues to work with her patients with a Functional and Integrated approach to get to the root course of their illness and improve their health and wellbeing. She has also recently launched her own podcast called “The Holistic GP” with the intention of speaking to other professionals and patients to explore various modalities of health and enquire the knowledge to live well.

Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran enjoys the intellectual challenges of being a GP and understands that every patient is unique and important. She always strives to achieve the best health outcomes for her patients. She is a true believer in providing quality care with respect and compassion. Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran is a member and examiner of RACGP( Royal Australian College of General Practice) and a member of Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) and Australian College of Lifestyle Medicine.

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Dr Sally Price

Dip RACOG, Grad Dip Primary Care

Dr Sally Price was born in Cornwall, South West England, graduated from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London and after her house jobs year, moved to Australia for further hospital and general practice training. This included Emergency Medicine and Obstetrics in Midland & Armadale, Paediatrics in Alice Springs and a variety of hospital and general practice learning in Darwin. From there she completed her Fellowship of General Practice in Melbourne. Returning to Perth, working in a variety of settings including being the sole Doctor on Rottnest Island, General Practice After Hours and local general practices before settling into building up a practice in Nutritional Medicine in Bicton.

Embracing any learning offered, Dr. Sally Price has been grateful for being under the tutelage of Dr Igor Tabrizian (Hair tissue Mineral Analysis & Nutritional Medicine) , Dr Rajen Cooppan (Ayurveda) before gaining fellowships and training with the Australian colleges : ACNEM, ASLM, Biobalance, MINDD, NIIM, as well as regularly attending many seminars & conferences both in Australia and overseas (BSLM).

Dr Sally Price has been delighted to have been invited as a speaker at the inaugural ASLM, presenting at ACNEM training and as an examiner and MC at ACNEM. She has also presented health professionals workshops and public seminars alongside her colleague Nurse Practitioner Jille Burns. She has run educational Balint – style support groups for other like minded health professionals in WA. She also worked with a local team in order to create a Perth branch of NIIM over the course of a year, which sadly didn’t come into being.

Alongside ongoing learning in Functional Medicine, Dr Sally Price has held a fascination for what makes people tick. Hence ongoing personal development, including in Hypnosis, Coaching, Process Communication Model, ph 360.

Dr Sally Price draws on her 30 years in Clinical Medicine, and over 20 years in Ayurvedic, Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and Functional Medicine, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis interpretation.  She applies this wealth of experience including concepts around individual biotype, personal development & psychological & communication type to work with you as an individual.

Functional Medicine is also about seeking and addressing the cause of illness and then taking the steps needed to reverse it. Sometimes simple steps can be transformative. Sometimes there’s much underlying the problem that needs addressing. Functional Medicine is a health philosophy and process for addressing health concerns in a holistic manner.

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Dayle Allen

Naturopath, Herbalist, Reiki Master and Body Talk Enthusiast

Dayle graduated in 2014 with Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine.  In 2019 Dayle received her qualification as a Reiki Master; and in the same year, commenced her journey into Body Talk. Dayle loves learning and is often attending courses and seminars; as she knows the more she learns and acquires skills, the more she can assist and empower her clients on their health journey.

Dayle believes that through the integration of the aforementioned modalities, she is better abled to work with her clients; providing a better opportunity to identify and address the root cause of their health complaint, to achieve a greater balance and healing to their body, mind and spirit.

Dayle is very passionate about providing an environment where each client feels safe, heard, supported, and empowered; and believes that through working in professional partnership as equals, both client and practitioner can establish the best treatments, to create and maintain the health outcome they desire.

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