Health and Skin Cancer Checks

Health checks have been introduced to make sure early detection of health condition are possible. Regular health checks are a paramount to a healthy life.

Some of the health checks that may be suited to you:

Skin Cancer Check

Skin Cancer Checks

Sanctuary Wellness and Medical Centre is a Skin Cancer Clinic

We have doctors trained in skin cancer checks, a thorough check using dermoscopy will be done.

Any suspicious lesions will be excised and sent to the lab for further testing.

We also do cryotherapy and advise on medications for other suspicious lesions.

Importance of Skin Cancer Checks to You

Skin cancer checks is a process of checking an individual for any early signs of skin cancer. Having to be detected in the early stage allows for effective early management and treatment.

In most situations, early detected skin cancer can usually be successfully treated. Skin cancer can be fatal if left undetected and untreated.

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