Headaches? Why? What do I do?

This week is Migraine & Headache awareness week. This topic is very close to me as I feel it is often a superficial problem for something that is deeper. It is often good to understand what the triggers are and are we able to avoid them. Lifestyle also plays an important role, if you are not having a good night’s sleep or you are having postural problems then these are things that may be triggering your headache. Always speak to your doctor and get assessed properly as headaches can also mean something more serious.

What are the lifestyle measures?

  1. Look for triggers in your diet and environment
  2. Focus on sleep
  3. Exercise such as Pilates and yoga often provide relief
  4. Keep yourself hydrated
  5. Check your eyes – if you need prescription glasses

Pharmaceutical options

  1. Treatment will be based on cause- for example if it is a sinus headache and then we must treat that
  2. If it is stress- we must work on reducing stress
  3. Paracetamol/ Anti-inflammatory are the first options, but speak to your doctor
  4. There are stronger options available for migraines, but the risk must be first assessed

Supplements available for headaches

  • Vitamin Bs
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium


About the Author:

Dr Ashwini is a GP interested in Nutrition and Wellness, she thrives to help her patients achieve good health via lifestyle modifications in addition to conventional medicine where possible. This blog is her compilation of thoughts on multiple subjects close to her.


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