GP Private Fees

10 min consult$36.80$38.20$75.00
15 min consult$46.80$38.20$85.00
20 min consult$76.05$73.95$150.00
Antenatal (Up to 15min)$44.25$40.75$85.00
Mental Health Consult$76.05$73.95$150.00
Mental Health Plan 20 min$58.95$91.05$150.00
Mental Health Plan 40 min$165.90$134.10$300.00
  • *Fees increase accordingly after 20min, please check with reception.

GP Discount Fees


  • Children above 12 years of age
  • Adolescents up to 16 years of age
  • Health care card holders and pension card holders
    (other than aged pension card > 65 years)
10 min consult$26.80$38.20$65.00
15 min consult$36.80$38.20$75.00
20 min consult$56.05$73.95$130.00
Antenatal (Up to 15min)$31.25$40.75$75.00
Mental Health Consult$76.05$73.95$120.00
Mental Health Plan 20 minBulk Billed
Mental Health Plan 40 minBulk Billed

*Fees increase accordingly after 20min, please check with reception.

GP Bulk Billing

Available for quick appointments only, if anything else needs to be discussed, private charges will apply:

  • Kids<12years for acute illness checks and vaccinations only.
  • Administration of Vaccine only appointment
  • Desensitisation only appointments
  • Care plan preparation and review
  • Health checks 45-49,>75, ATSI health checks
  • ECG/ Spiro and ABPI – Bulk billed but consult will be privately billed
  • Aged Pension cardholders only ( > 65 years)- Senior Commonwealth health care card/HC card/other pension cardholders discounted rate apply

GP Telehealth (Valid till 31/03/2021)

Must have seen Dr Ashwini face to face in the last 12months/ previously attended Starhill Medical Centre Port Coogee in the last 12months

Bulk billed for Telehealth

  1. We will only bulk bill; aged pension card holders, adolescent and children < 16 years and Health Care Card and Pension Card Holders (This applies only for Telehealth).
  2. All other patients (who have seen Dr Ashwini in the last 12 months or attended Starhill Medical Port Coogee/Sanctuary Wellness and Medical) will be privately billed with a fee of AUD $75 (rebate $38.75), gap $36.25.- for a appointment less than 10 minutes. For appointments longer than that Private long appointment fees apply- appointments up to 20 minutes AUD $150 (rebate $75.05) gap $74.95.
  3. Patients who have never seen Dr Ashwini / attended the practice before private fee of $75 (for appointments < 10 min) – no gap available and private fee of $150 (no gap available) for appointments up to 20 min.
Standard Appointment
(10 Minutes or less )
Long appointment
(Up to 20 Minutes )

If new patient books for telehealth – fee $75 (<10 min appt) – No Medicare rebate available.

Please check fee with reception if you need a long appointment

Skin Checks & Excisions

Private fee rate applies for everyone (except Aged Pension card holders in which case, check up, biopsy and excision will be bulk billed)

Full Body Skin Checkup
(Up to 15 Minutes )
Full Body Skin Checkup
(Up to 20 Minutes )

Excision fee will be discussed after your skin check, based on site and size of lesion that may need to be removed.

Naturopath Fees

Naturopath Free 15 minute Discovery Call
Complimentary 15 minute phone call with a Naturopathic Practitioner – Recommended For those who are unfamiliar with Naturopathy and would like to chat with a qualified practitioner to find out more.

Naturopath Initial Consultation– 60 minutes $135
An initial naturopathic consultation is a comprehensive review of your health history (medical, diet, lifestyle, family history and pathology interpretations) paired with physical examinations (blood pressure, iridology, nail and tongue assessment) to uncover the cause of your health complaint. This information is pooled together to formulate an individualised, results – driven treatment plan containing specific health goals implemented through the use of herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, functional testing, dietary and lifestyle interventions.

Naturopath Standard Return/ Follow up Consultation – 30 minutes – $75
A follow-up consultation is essential to monitor and assess your treatment progress and is booked 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation. This consult is used to analyse your requested pathology/functional testing results and modify your treatment plan including herbal medicine and nutraceutical prescriptions if applicable.

Naturopath Acute Immune Consultations – 20 minutes – $40
This is for existing patients only. This consultation is to boost immune function during acute infections among cold and flu season and to review current herbal and nutritional supplements

Naturopath Online Consultations
If you are based interstate or due to current COVID-19 circumstances and prefer an online consultation, both initial and follow-up naturopathic consults with can be conducted online via Zoom

Naturopath Free 15 minute Discovery Call15 minsNo Fee
Naturopath Initial Consultation60 mins$135.00
Naturopath Standard Return/ Follow up Consultation30 mins$75.00
Naturopath Acute Immune Consultations20 mins$40.00
Naturopath Online ConsultationsTBDPlease Call

Other Fees & Payment

Please call our reception at 08 94186008 for procedure fees, integrative appointment fees and other fees not stated above.

For your convenience, Sanctuary Wellness and Medical Centre processes Medicare claims online, which means patients experience the benefit of instant Medicare rebate. All accounts are payable on the day by Cash, EFTPOS, Visa or MasterCard.



Please dial 000 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department if you/have:

  • Suspect a heart attack
  • Chest pains
  • Severe bleeding
  • Serious breathing problems
  • Poisoning
  • Anything you consider as life-threatening

New Patients

If you are a new patient at Sanctuary Wellness & Medical Centre and have made an appointment, we advise you to come to our Medical Centre 10 minutes earlier, so that you can complete our patient registration form.

Privacy Policy

Your medical record is treated strictly confidential in this practice. It is the policy of this practice that it will not be shared with any unauthorised person as to maintain the security of your personal health information at all times. These information is to be made available only to authorised members of staff.

View Our Website Privacy Policy


The standard appointment is around 10 to 15 minutes. Longer appointments are available. Please discuss with our friendly and helpful receptionist when you are booking your appointment.

Transfer of Records


If you have previously attended another GP clinic for your healthcare, you might like to request that they send a copy of your medical records to us so that we have a more complete picture of your health information, such as your medications, past

history and immunisation records. If so, please contact our reception for transfer forms.

Note that your former GP clinic will only send us a copy of their records, as they will be required by law to retain all medical records or a minimum period of time.

Some GP clinics will charge you a fee for sending a copy of medical records to us. Please be aware that some GP clinics do not process these requests promptly, and it may take several weeks for your records to be sent to us.


If you would like to move your records from Sanctuary Wellness & Medical Centre to a different GP clinic, you need to get the other medical centre to send us a request form and we will organise transfer. Please note that there will be an admin fee to cover the cost involved. You can check the duration and fee involved by calling our reception.